Sunday, March 24, 2019

Essay example --

A DMV hearing takes place at the DMV, not the court, and focuses on license suspension and revocation. A DMV hearing is offered to those who have been pulled over for DUI and gives that soul a chance to explain the situation and the details surrounding their chit in an effort to keep their license from being suspended or revoked. A DMV hearing is highly recommended and will better your chances when it comes to keeping your license. It shows that you assist and you want to take responsibility for your actions. What the court decides and what the DMV decides about your case ar two different things. The court can dismiss or decrease the charges with your case, but that doesnt mean the DMV will do the same. You have to stack with each separately. At your DMV hearing you have the right to be delineated by attorney, you can present some(prenominal) evidence and/or require witnesses, cross-examine opposing witnesses, and as an entirety this is your chance to have your case be reviewe d by an impartial person. You or your attorney can request any evidence that the DMV has about case. The evidence needs t...

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